Mr. Ikram Ullah Ghauri

Mr. Ikram Ullah Ghauri has established himself as one of Pakistan’s leading legal thinkers. He has held numerous senior positions in Pakistan’s tax and legal bureaucracies, as well as representing Pakistan in international tax and trade conventions. He has also served as a judge at the Appellate Tribunal for Inland Revenue, where many of his decisions are not only reported in the PTD and PTCL, but have also changed Pakistan’s tax policies.

He was hired as one of the advisors for the Mozambique Constitution and the Polish Labor Laws due to his strong understanding of constitutional jurisprudence. His in-depth knowledge of constitutional laws led him to being appointed as the head of the legal team of the National Reconstruction Bureau (NRB), an official think tank of Pakistan.

He has drafted numerous of parliamentary Acts and constitutional amendments, and he is still sought out for legislative proposals and public policy advice. Corporate, tax, commercial contracts, governance reform, and public policy are some of his areas of expertise.



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