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Esquare Legal is one of the world’s leading firms in the Web 3.0 space, with its extensive services ranging from providing expertise on matters of digital assets, Cryptocurrencies, Fintech, Smart Contracts and NFTs. It has been actively involved in assisting its client in a manner that is most conducive, to harness the massive potential of the sector. Due to this reason, it has been the first choice of major clients in the Fintech sector for seeking advice on all such matters.

Esquare Legal has successfully assisted clients in getting crypto licenses in EU, MENA and South East Asia regions. It is the world’s first law firm that issues opinions, Fatwas and memos to clients as NFTs. The firm also has established offices in the metaverse which it uses to engage with some of the biggest names in the industry. Esquare Legal has successfully established Dapp governance models and constitutions. Esquare Legal has assisted in making highly complex commercial and trade smart contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain.



China and Pakistan have always maintained close and friendly alliance, and the relationship of the two countries form the cornerstone of both the countries foreign policy. Assisting foreign embassies is a very challenging proposition, considering all the foreign law and regulatory framework that needs to be taken into account. However, Esquare Legal posseses in depth knowledge and experience in the relevant area. Due to this reason the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan has entrusted us to assist them in all matters legal. Our team of lawyers, with great privilege, bring their expertise to help our Chinese clients to achieve closer ties with Pakistan.



Recently an influx of technological change has been experienced by the finance sector, which has had both a transformative yet a disruptive effect on the market. However, the probability of risk evaluation is not attainable without first understanding the legal and regulatory compliance framework. Esquare Legal has been at the forefront, and has had significant involvement in the banking and finance sector involving FinTech technology. We have been helping our clients establish Non-Banking Finance Companies to undertake microfinance related activities and various other lending and borrowing functions. Esquare Legal has assisted in getting Pakistans first Buy Now Pay Later License and created many new FinTech solutions for regulators. We, as a firm, represent every facet of the FinTech and non-traditional Finance space, and are the market leaders with our depth and breadth of experience on advising clients on a range of FinTech and non-traditional finance issues. Our areas of work in the FinTech sector include
  • Non-Banking Finance Companies; 
  • Electronic Money Institutions; 
  • Digital Banks; 
  • Payment Service Providers; 
  • Peer-to-Peer transactions;
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts; and Fractionalized Assets etc. 


The Firm has advised its clients on a broad array of corporate matters. The aim is to deliver qualitative legal advice that reduces execution risk and ensures smooth running of operations. Our team of experienced corporate lawyers provide a tailored solution to best serve the needs of the clients, and provide them with legal solutions that are robust, sound and practical.


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