Donna Tang

Donna Tang is currently working as a Partner of China Affairs Department at Esquare Legal. She is experienced in cross-border dispute resolution (litigation/arbitration), cross-border investment and Mergers & Acquisition, offshore EPC/BOT projects, offshore trust venture capital, corporate business legal affairs, etc. As the coordinator of various legal affairs, she has provided professional legal services to clients on investment and M&A projects across Europe, Africa, North America, Oceania, Southeast Asia, South Asia, West Asia, etc. The cross-border investment projects she assisted on are spread across five continents and nearly 40 countries and regions, with assistance given on matters such as investment fields covering banking and finance, virtual currency, real estate, hotels, agriculture, mining, machinery, automobile manufacturing, and other industries.
Her role at Esquare Legal entails providing comprehensive, on-the-ground legal and tax services to the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan and other Chinese companies based on their investment (tax-related and project site employment risk management needs).



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