Barrister Safi Ullah Ghauri

Barrister Ghauri is an award-winning lawyer and leader, leading a full-service law firm Esquare Legal as its Managing Partner. He has headed the Legal Departments of Web 3.0 companies in EU, USA and MENA region and brings a wealth of regulatory and tech knowledge. He’s a technology-oriented lawyer providing solutions to cutting edge emerging technologies including Fintech, Proptech, Blockchain, Smart contract and Data Analysis for upcoming businesses and start-ups.

He also brings extensive knowledge in various areas of law, business, politics, technology and international relations and is regularly invited as an expert on the most prestigious political talk shows, eminent science and tech competitions and various other well-known events as a keynote speaker to motivate and educate. Owing to his deep understanding of various legal, political, international and business aspects, he has also adorned the role of an Advisor for various international companies, analysts and other concerns.



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